The Centre seeks to acknowledge and reward contributions of players in the industry in the following categories:

The Safety and Security Award

This award recognizes the best safety and security improvement initiatives introduced in the past year. Judges will be looking for evidence of successful safety and security programs, including accounts of investment in safety training, changes to the company’s safety culture and improvements in terms of lost time accidents where relevant. They will also be looking for evidence on how initiatives have improved the security of personnel, vessels and facilities in the region. Entrants should also highlight how their product or service may be applied across the industry.

The Environment Protection Award

The IMO’s vision for the shipping industry is to eliminate or reduce to the bare minimum, all adverse environmental impacts of ships. In line with that objective, CIMAG has launched a new Environmental Protection Award. This recognizes the contribution made by an organization or company towards achieving the maritime industry’s goal of preventing harm to the natural environment. That could be measures or technology to protect underwater marine life and ecosystems or to enhance air quality, for example.

Nominees can submit examples of technical and operational initiatives which have already reduced underwater or air pollution caused by maritime activity, either at sea or in port, or which will allow the maritime sector to do so in future. It will also be open to those companies that have introduced more environmentally sustainable ways of working, or which have carried out specific projects to protect, or repair parts of the natural environment damaged by, or at risk from shipping activity.

The Green Shipping Award

Environmental performance is an increasingly important benchmark for all companies in the shipping industry today. Customers and the general public alike require high environmental standards. This award will be presented to a company which has led the way in environmentally responsible shipping, with a new product, project or initiative that has significantly improved the protection of the environment.

The Technology / Innovations Award

Innovation is vital to success in the shipping business and this award will recognize a project, product or process that is demonstrably new and innovative and which has contributed positively to an individual organization and/or the industry generally. Judges will be looking for evidence to show that the project, product or process being put forward is genuinely different, raises the bar higher and helps puts users ahead of competitors. The judges will take into account its uniqueness, the concept behind it and its delivery and execution. The award is open to all companies that supply the shipping industry with technological solutions, including IT-related systems, as well as shipping companies that have developed the technology in-house.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Demonstrating social responsibility is increasingly important for companies in the shipping and ports industry. Customers and staff alike value well-structured Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. This award will be presented to the company which has shown a particularly strong commitment to CSR and to the employee and community welfare and has shown creativity and innovation in the use of CSR initiatives.

Best Practices Award

There is a growing focus on the safety, security and environmental performance of international shipping. This award will be presented to a company, based in Ghana, which in the opinion of the judges is able to clearly show that it has developed, and is promoting, best practice solutions in at least one of these three areas, by embracing and showing commitment to the implementation of global regulatory initiatives

The Maritime Education and Training Award

This award recognizes an educational institution, organization or an individual that has made a major contribution to maritime education or training in the region. Judges are looking for examples of excellence and leadership in this field and a commitment to delivering high value professional or academic education or training to improve the efficiency of shipping and related sectors across the country.